MRG Bowling Night

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We're taking over The Kingpin Suite at Bloomsbury Bowling on Tuesday 5th March for bowling, pizza, drinks and games. We have 4 hours of unbridled joy planned from 6-10pm and have 5 bowling lanes, karaoke room, pool table, ping pong, arcade games and dance floor at our disposal. There will be prizes for top bowling scores but think of it more as a great night out with bowling thrown in rather than a world championship bowling competition!

If you feel like you and your team need a bit of fun and reconnection, then why not book yourselves a spot? At £40 for members and £50 for non-members inclusive of your games, pizza and two drinks apiece, it's a blimmin’ steal.

Where: The Kingpin Suite, Bloomsbury Bowling, 55 Travistock Square, London, WC1H 9EU

When: Tuesday 5th March 6-10pm

Cost: members £40, non-members £50 (includes bowling, pizza and two drinks)


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