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We’ve got another fantastic line up of speakers for our next content session which promises to be a really engaging afternoon.  

7Stars: Michelle Milner and Alex Sinclair from The7Stars will present ‘The Misdefined Majority’. Having been around since the 1950s, the efficacy of social grade has long since evaporated, leading to a clear disconnect between the official classifications and how the public view themselves. In partnership with PureSpectrum, they have sought to identify the role of class in today’s society and the values different class communities hold true. The resulting playbook details how brands should approach targeting in a SEG-free world.”

The Reuters Institute of Journalism:Public attitudes to the uses of generative AI in news: Nic Newman from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism will talk about their upcoming report on AI and the News informed by qualitative research conducted by Craft - Human Intelligence in the UK, US and Mexico as well as a global survey of 100,000 people conducted by YouGov as part of the Institute’s annual Digital News Report. The study provides global insights about emerging attitudes to generative AI technologies in different contexts (behind the scenes, packaging content, distribution). It also explores the implications for trust and democracy in a year of elections and has clear recommendations for how publishers should approach these transformative technologies.

The Economist:Seema Hope and Caroline Green from The Economist will be talking about their year long research programme which informed the launch of The Economist's latest subscription tier - Podcasts+. Paying for podcasts is unprecedented, the model is heavily ad-funded and the consumer expects this content for free. This gap presented significant challenges but they believed strongly in paying for quality, independent journalism so they had to find a way. Creating a customer centric approach and taking their stakeholders along on the research journey proved to be a successful strategy.  

Sara Picazo from The Trade Desk and Holly Riedlinger & Robyn Lee from PA Consulting will present  ‘The Alchemy of Omnichannel’. Whilst almost every brand on the planet is a multi-channel advertiser, very few are truly omnichannel advertisers. Increasingly the technology exists to connect the dots across channels on the media plan to become an audience-first, omnichannel brand, but is it worth it and where do you even begin? Drawing on a variety of methodologies, the research explores the impact of a connected campaign on brand performance and consumer experience, as well as identifying the components of a successful audience-first strategy.


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