May Content Session

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The MRG are delighted to be back for our May content session at our regular venue of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining on Euston Road.

The papers this month will include:

Thinkbox: Anthony Jones and Nailah Uddin will share insights from Thinkbox’s brand new 'Context Effects' study exploring what contextual factors contribute to create the best (and the worst) occasions for effective video advertising.

Using a fusion of qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand the fragmented world of video advertising across screens and platform.

Sony Pictures: Sarah Halmkin from Sony Pictures will present Decoding Discovery the first of a multistage project in collaboration with MTM exploring how people actually discover what to watch. Shared at this year’s MRG conference the paper will shine a light on how audiences are evaluating their options and making decisions at each stage of the viewing journey, including the unconscious biases that influence these choices. Join to find out if you are a Viewing Shepherd or a Viewing Sheep!

Sky Media:  Lucy Pullinger from Sky Media and Alex Beattie from Differentology will take us through another one of the ‘best of MRG 2023 conference papers’ : The Heuristic Highway, which dives into the emerging themes influencing human behaviours, alongside the technological innovations reshaping today’s shopper journey.

During the session, The  MRG co-chairs will do a short presentation mapping out the vision for MRG events and training throughout the next 12 months.

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