October Content Session

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MRG October Content Meeting 

Date: Tuesday 17th October

Time: 4pm (For 4.30 Start)

Venue:  The Builidng Society Building - 55 Whitfield Street Fitzrovia, London W1T 4AH

Another packed line up this month

First up we have The Guardian and Tapestry Research's latest research tells a story of hope, resilience and optimism following the events of the last few years. They have taken their toll on the nation, but we are a nation of self-improvers: after a long period of instability and insecurity, we’re taking responsibility for our own happiness: finding joy in the small, everyday moments.

In this presentation, the Guardian and Tapestry will take you through the key findings from the research, demonstrating how UK consumers are navigating life, finding fulfilment and joy in these extraordinary times, and the unexpected micro-moments that help them to live well.

Simone King, from Ipsos iris, will present on the topic of Enhancing online measurement through content distribution and video data. In today's dynamic digital landscape, where audiences can be reached through numerous channels, it's important to gain a comprehensive understanding of online performance both on-site and off-site. Simone will demonstrate how Ipsos iris has enhanced its powerful tool for monitoring and tracking distributed content, enabling media owners and agencies across the UK to assess reach and impact, impacting growth for these businesses. 

We also have JICMAIL's "The Time We Spend With Mail" study is the culmination of a year long program of attention measurement that draws together self-reported and behavioural attention data from Kantar and Lifestream, along with additional analysis from PWC. The study completely reframes the value of mail and provides an excellent basis for busting some long held myths about the third largest ad channel in the UK. Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL's Director of Data Leadership and Learning, is here to talk you through the key findings... and hopefully change your mind about mail!"




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