August Evening Meeting

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All Change Please!

Given how working patterns have changed over the last few years, we have decided to try something different for the next ‘evening’ meeting!

New Day: Thursday (4th August)

New Time: 4.30pm

New Venue: Clear Channel Offices - 33 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JT (map)

We are keen to ‘test and learn’ this new approach and understand how the new time and day effects attendance – if you have any comments or feedback we’d love to hear from you

The good news is that not everything is changing! The same good quality content will be available and we have a great lineup next month!


ITV Bespoke Partnerships:  Building Memorable Advertising.

Presented by: Glenn Cowen – Head of Audience at ITV

Bespoke partnerships enable brands to use ITV’s deep-rooted brand attributes, cultural capital and power to supercharge advertising with emotion. Working with System1 and Neuro-Insight we utilised the latest biometric and neuroscience techniques to show that using ITV assets in TV advertising grabs attention and importantly is remembered, a key determinant of future decision making and sales.


JCDecaux, Researchbods and Clear Channel - The Science of Big

Presented by: Frances Revel – Head of Custom Insight at Researchbods and George Kelly – Strategic Insight Manager at JCDecaux

A collaborative piece of work commissioned by JCDecaux and Clear Channel to understand how premium large format digital advertising fits into the advertising ecosystem. Using a mix of qual and quant and some Implicit Association Testing we look to uncover the Science of Big and the Power of the Tower!


The Kite Factory:  Planning for Attention

Presented by: Christian Taylor  - Head of Planning at The Kite Factory

Christian will talk through how The Kite Factory’s take on the hot topic of attention and how they have utilised new Touchpoints data to contextualise this across all media channels.   


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