June Evening Meeting

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Papers now available to download:

  • Formula E and Avast - Remembering the work of James Smythe from a colleague and client point of view - download here
  • UKOM - download here
  • Channel 4 - Taskfasterdownload here


Remembering the work of James Smythe from a colleague and client point of view

Presenters: Anita Penn, Matt Roberts (Formula E), and Carla Allen (Avast) 

This presentation will showcase the impact James had at a number of media and sports business as both a colleague/manager and as the founder of Culture of Insight. Anita will share how James transformed the insight team at GCap Radio whilst Matt will talk around the impact Culture of Insight had at a number of its key clients (such ESPN, BT, Sky and F1). Carla will then conclude with insight into what it was like to work at Culture of Insight and the secrets of the agency’s success


Presenter: Julie Forey

Julie will be showcasing some of the new analysis capabilities of Ipsos iris using audience insights from the last year. James worked for UKOM for several years and was instrumental in UKOM becoming the industry standard for measuring online audiences in the U.K. Given, James’s desire that data be presented in a simple yet engaging way, Julie will do her best to make it a fun, interactive session.


Presenter: Charlotte Corey (Channel 4)

In 2021, Channel 4's Advertising Research & Development team launched Taskfaster, an initiative which sought to find an engaging, creative and efficient way of upskilling a close to 300 strong commercial team on using key insight tools. Taskfaster was creatively tackled via a variety of video content, an exciting ‘Taskfaster Challenge Week’ launch event and the curation of a ‘Taskfaster Hub’. Taskfaster won the 2021 MRG award for ‘Best Realisation of Research’, and it’s a great example of what happens when a passion for research is executed in an ambitious and entertaining way, which is exactly what MRG are all about!

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