May Evening Meeting

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Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than to come along to this months evening meeting where we have three fantastic papers and another amazing new venue.  Come listen, network, and have a drink with friends and colleagues from across the industry. Free to members.


Centre for Attention - Mail Metro Media

Presenter: Samantha Eales – Insight Manager

Centre for Attention is a major research project by MailOnline, exploring how premium digital formats can be more effective in generating attention and improving brand metrics than standard formats.

Working in partnership with Lumen, we surveyed over 2,500 MailOnline readers across mobile and desktop devices, using eye tracking methodology to explore how homepage takeovers, video, sponsored content and premium display not only get your attention, but also all have positive impact on brand recall, consideration and purchase intent. 


Perfect Podcast Planning - The Guardian & Tapestry Research

Presenters: Monika Pick, Andy Cross (The Guardian), and Jemma Ralton (Tapestry Research) 

Previous research has shown that podcast advertising is well accepted, but up until now measuring the effectiveness of podcast campaigns has been a challenge. This study sets out to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of podcast advertising, and highlight how podcast advertising stands out from other media enhancing multi-media campaigns.


Gen-Z: Engaging the silent majority - Researchbods

Presenters:  Steven Bird and Sarah Askew

Researchbods set out to truly understand what makes Gen Z tick. What do they think of market research in its current form? How can we do better as an industry to appeal to them? What would motivate them to get more involved in shaping the future of brands? We’ll share key learnings from our extensive research with over 1,000 young people, allowing you to understand more about the diverse segments that exist. From their passions for transparent and ethical interaction, to their fears and feelings around data privacy, we’ll explore the actions you can take to ensure your research and insight community strategy is future-proofed for Gen Z.

Join us to learn how brands can engage youth audiences to gain insight, build up brand affinity, and begin converting the unengaged to evangelists and champions. You may find some of our findings surprising!


MRG Evenings are open and free to all MRG members only.

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