Christmas party 2021

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Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin. 

An MRG Christmas Party Story 

‘Twas a night in November,
When in the MRG house, 
A Christmas fairy appeared, 
As small as a mouse. 
The committee rubbed their eyes:
‘How much whiskey have we drunk?
We can’t have had that much!’ 
They confusedly thunk. 

‘When’s the party?’ Fairy squeaked,
‘I’ve not heard a peep.
Better not skimp on the buffet
Or do booze on the cheap.’
‘Never fear, fairy dear, 
We have it all sorted
It’s on the 13th of December’.
- The fairy just snorted. 
‘A Monday?!’ she cried,
‘Are you having a laugh?’
‘We’re trying to miss’ we explained,
‘The parties for staff.
There’ll be drink, food and games, 
(No sign of a squid).
And all this and more,
For around 40 quid!’

‘Where’s the party?’ 
Inquired the curious Christmas Fairy.
‘The Union Bar,‘ we replied:
‘Fun, convenient and airy.’ 
She beamed and she glowed,
And was full of good cheer,
By the promise of a boogie, 
Some snacks and much beer. 
Her jig of contentment, 
Was quite a display,
And with a sprinkle of stardust,
She fluttered away.
We heard her exclaim, 
As she flew out of sight:
’About bl**dy time to have a ball, 
And for all, a great night!’

An epilogue to this story, 
(Indulge us we pray),
Is that tickets sell fast: 
Book now, don’t delay!

  • Venue: The Union, Regents Place, 11 Triton Place, London NW1 3BF
  • Date: Monday 13th December
  • Time: 6.15pm - 11.30pm

Ticket includes nibbles, house wine, beers and soft drinks and great company. 


  • £30 for Tools of the Trade participants
  • £40 for Members
  • £45 for Non-Members (ticket must be booked by a Member)

There is a £5 discount on all bookings made by close of play this Thursday (2nd December)!

Please ensure you have taken a lateral flow test or PCR within 48 hours before coming to the event to help keep everyone Covid safe and please don’t attend if you are feeling unwell.  Please follow current Government guidelines. Pretty please. Thank you. 


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