November Evening Meeting

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We are currently living in truly unprecedented times, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic having a huge impact on consumer behaviour, spending and personal finances. With that in mind, Havas Media Group wanted to explore what people’s shopping and spending intentions are around key winter shopping occasions in 2020/2021. Ruth O’Neill and Lindsay Risner will share key themes and results.

London-based research consultant Chris O’Hearn does a lot of international work auditing audience measurement systems. It often involves visiting panel homes so the COVID effect on international travel and face-to-face contact was a huge problem. They had to devise a way to be able to deliver a complex, bespoke questionnaire, including a test of meter equipment, accessible to anybody, in multiple languages, independently controlled and cheap. So they turned to an IVR-type system using keypad selections but in a much more complex way than is typical of normal IVR which is used for channelling inquiries and sales. Chris will take you through the process and some results.

Nigel Jacklin, Founder and Managing Director of, will present the results of an August survey of people who were unhappy with the government.  The survey was fielded with the help of Simon Dolans campaign group Keep Britain Free and designed as a submission to the House of Lords “Life Beyond Covid” inquiry.  Nigel will outline the background to the survey and the findings in relation to both mainstream and alternative media.

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