July 2020 Evening Meeting

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History in the Tweeting: Looking back to look ahead - The first months of 2020 have been a time of dramatic and unprecedented change for us all, and we'll all have our own story to tell from it. The question now is to what extent will these defining moments shape or change us going forward? We've analysed billions of Tweets and conducted research surveys and expert panels to try to shed light on this. The result is History in the Tweeting. Sara Picazo will talk about the 7 consumer behaviours that have emerged or accelerated during this period and discuss the implications of this on how brands should be thinking and behaving. 

The Behaviour Business: how the leading 21st century digital businesses have employed behavioural science to deliver business success – and how by employing ‘test tube behaviours’ we can replicate the approach. Richard Chataway will share insights from the research and interviews conducted for his new book on how behavioural science helps businesses deliver better digital products and services, and what it means for how we think about consumers. DOWNLOAD HERE

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