Be part of the 2020 IPA TouchPoints Survey

Why you? 

The MRG are currently helping the IPA to invite people from across their membership base (across media/adland) and asking you to kindly volunteer to take part in the 2020 TouchPoints survey. 

 Over the next few weeks the IPA will be sending out an open invitation to the industry to fill in the TouchPoints diary for one week and complete their lifestyle questionnaire.

The results, which will be shared later this year, and will provide a unique opportunity to profile the media consumption of our industry, finally allowing us to make direct comparisons to the general population in a single dataset.

How will it work?

  • Interested? Simply send an email with your full name to
  • A registration questionnaire will be sent to you later this month asking for a few details to feed into the official invitation
  • A full invitation will be sent in early March with unique codes for your diary and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Once registered, choose any week March or April in which to complete the diary over seven consecutive days
  • The industry results will be processed and analysed alongside the full 2020 results

What’s in it for you?

  • Participation in the industry’s seminal media consumption survey and insight into how the data is collected
  • Learn how our media habits differ to the average consumer and develop an understanding of how to apply this into media plans and creative
  • Entry into a prize draw

Email if you’d like to participate in the survey and help burst the bubble.