June 2020 Virtual Evening Meeting

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Since the beginning of lockdown Global have been tracking how the nation is feeling, how we’re consuming media, what we’re buying and how we’re behaving in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have talked to over 7,400 people with partners Dynata and the results have given a fascinating insight into how the UK is adapting to life during Coronavirus. Carla Madden and Jenna Swanborough will delve into how behaviours have changed since the beginning of lockdown and also look towards the future as to what people are planning to do now that some of the government restrictions have been lifted. Download here

Kantar will share new insights from their flagship DIMENSION study addressing issues of consumer trust. As consumers use more and more personal devices to access media, there are increased opportunities for ad personalisation – which creates both positives and challenges for the media industry. Teresa Baldock and James Barker will take us through consumer views on advertising, media and privacy today, the ramifications beyond advertising and how the media and advertising industries need to work more closely together to rebuild trust and relevance. Download here

TRP Research will take us through the success of the Disney+ launch. They will share Insights on the launch of Disney+ from TRP Codex such as total consumption, most watched programmes, and other viewing behaviours. James Robinson will then take us through how they did it - SVOD content database, bespoke survey tool and the conversion to industry metrics. Download here

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